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    Durchleben, ausgelst wurde. Warum hat keine Urheberrechtsverletzung nicht und Ouzo lockert sich umfassend geschtzt.

    Phil Modern Family

    - Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy in #ModernFamily - Season 6. Phil versucht stets sehr jugendlich zu wirken und seinen Kindern vielmehr Freund als Vater zu sein, weshalb er sich selbst auch für einen äußerst coolen Dad hält. Ty Burrell wurde durch die Rolle des „Modern Family“-„Phil Dunphy“ bekannt. Er begann seine Karriere am Broadway und trat vor „Modern.

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    Claire hingegen lebt in ihrer Familie mit ihrem Mann Phil (Ty Burrell) und ihren drei Kindern: Haley (Sarah Hyland), die zwar hübsch. Egal, ob Vater Phil Dunphy mal wieder das Alpaka „Joline“ anschleppt oder Claire einen neurotischen Anfall wegen Blattsalat erleidet Die. Phil versucht stets sehr jugendlich zu wirken und seinen Kindern vielmehr Freund als Vater zu sein, weshalb er sich selbst auch für einen äußerst coolen Dad hält. Staffel 9, Folge 5 (25 Min.) V.l.: Claire Dunphy. Staffel 2, Folge 17 (25 Min.) L-R: Noranne . - Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy in #ModernFamily - Season 6. Ty Burrell wurde durch die Rolle des „Modern Family“-„Phil Dunphy“ bekannt. Er begann seine Karriere am Broadway und trat vor „Modern.

    Phil Modern Family

    Egal, ob Vater Phil Dunphy mal wieder das Alpaka „Joline“ anschleppt oder Claire einen neurotischen Anfall wegen Blattsalat erleidet Die. Phil versucht stets sehr jugendlich zu wirken und seinen Kindern vielmehr Freund als Vater zu sein, weshalb er sich selbst auch für einen äußerst coolen Dad hält. Staffel 2, Folge 17 (25 Min.) L-R: Noranne . Während Phils Beziehung zu seinem eigenen Vater sehr eng ist, buhlt er bereits seit über sechzehn Jahren nahezu verzweifelt um Die Stadt Der Verlorenen Kindern Stream Anerkennung von Claires Vater Jay. Mitchell mag Musicals und als Kind liebte das Eislaufen - mit seiner Schwester zusammen betrieb er einige Xxl Video lang Paarlaufen. Claire, die sich so sehr Harmonie zwischen ihren Töchtern wünscht, tut alles, um die Wogen zu glätten. Rico Rodriguez. Der Sender Netflix machte die ersten 6 Staffeln verfügbar. Haley Dunphy. Im Trolls Stream English der Serie gelingt es ihm nach und nach und die beiden kommen sich immer näher. Einmal verhindert er sogar körperlich, dass Cameron bei jedem Weinen nach der gemeinsamen Tochter sieht. Phil Modern Family Im College war Phil ein Cheerleader. Der Schauspieler Ty Burrell spielte die Rolle von Phil Dunphy in der Serie Modern Family von bis

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    So will sie zum Beispiel lieber lernen, als an einer Halloweenparty teilzunehmen. Als Phil einmal mit Roland Riebeling Zeit verbringen will, ist Jay nach einer Weile so genervt von ihm, dass er ein Modellflugzeug mitten in Phils Gesicht steuert, wofür er sich später jedoch auf Claires Drängen hin entschuldigt. Original-Erstausstrahlung: Mi Haley und Alex geraten immer wieder über jede Kleinigkeit in Streit. Wie der Titel schon besagt, dreht sich die Serie um eine Fallen Serie Familiedie ein buntes Gemengelage von Generationen, Ethnien und Hetero- wie Homosexuellen ist. Gastdarsteller Nathan Lee. Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. Phil ist Claires Ehemann, der sich selbst Gummibärenbande Song cool dad bezeichnet. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion.

    Or sector 12, if we're doing really well. He works as a real estate agent in California. From her mother's side, he is part Australian.

    He lived near Lake Okeechobee. On his 12th birthday, Phil hit 10 straight fastballs in the batting cage. His best friend then, Jeff Sweeney stepped in and was hit in the groin, to which Phil shouted "Ball two!

    Phil would regard this as his best birthday for years, and according to him, also the moment he discovered that he is funny " Game Changer ".

    During college, he had a roommate, Ling a fellow cheerleader who would later be mentioned to having built his own helicopter.

    He had a rival in college named Glen Whipple, captain of the cheer leading squad who also break dances and performs magic like Phil.

    He also has a severe fear of clowns, which he attributes to his accidental finding of a dead clown in the woods when he was a child " Fizbo ".

    Phil describes himself as a "cool dad. He uses a parenting method that he calls "peerenting", which is a combination of talking like a peer, but acting like a parent " Pilot ".

    Phil is generally portrayed as a good person who always takes the high road in dealing with difficulties, except when pushed too his limit as in " Fulgencio ", where turned to mafia-like ways to solve his family's problems.

    Phil is often obsessive over being his kids' best buddy, which falls short especially as his kids go through puberty. Phil is shown to be childlike and clumsy at times, and as implied by Claire to possibly have ADHD , characteristics he seems to share with his son Luke.

    One running gag with Phil is that he frequently makes accidental double entendres , often to the expense of Claire or his intelligence.

    Phil is portrayed as a funny guy, which he claims started at his 12th birthday party where everyone laughed at his joke and he discovered he is funny.

    He often uses wordplay and improvisation in sentences to entertain people. For example, when before he answers the phone, he once asks "Who sang Evil Woman?

    Phil is also an avid follower of technology, being adept on the latest gadgets with his online buddies.

    He loves sci-fi , fantasy and role-playing, as well as the concept of robots taking over or being used to further people's lives.

    Phil is a born dreamer always almost unshakably optimistic, easygoing, happy-go-lucky and maintains a positive attitude in an insane degree of situations.

    Despite this, he is fully capable of being deadly serious when his family's welfare is being compromised. Phil is also very good at choosing presents, according to Claire, which she is very bad at " Great Expectations ".

    Phil is a realtor and takes his job seriously, to such a point that Claire believes incorrectly that it is the only thing that he ever takes seriously.

    Phil is not only fun-loving and almost childishly optimistic, but also extremely compassionate and empathetic to a fault.

    He selflessly puts others a mile ahead of himself and is willing to help out his family and friends, even Jay Who has always shown animosity towards him when they are in a jam.

    Despite this, Phil can lose his cool when pushed too far, which climactically comes to pass in " When a Tree Falls " when Jay unintentionally jokingly mocks Phil in front of his friends, and in the ensuing boxing match between them Phil obliterates Jay and beats him furiously, fuelled by some boxed-up rage against Jay for resenting him since they met.

    He is willing to apologise to Jay afterwards. Also, Phil is the first to truly comfort Jay in " The Storm ", when Jay laments about the friends he lost in the military and that he feels compelled by their tradition to toast the fallen when one of their surviving comrades dies.

    One of his infamous traits would be his effeminacy, especially when compared to his wife, a prime example of such role reversal would be when Claire became head of Jay's closet industry and he becomes the neglected trophy wife instead of the stereotypical other way around.

    He enjoys spa days, gossip and was revealed to be a fully licensed hair stylist and masseuse. However, Phil's effmeinancy is also a useful trait for his job as a realtor; he has shown power over women because of his reliableness and trustworthy nature.

    Gloria admits that he is impossible to lie to and is easy to confide within such as when he helped her settle her problems with her old apartment while he was a hairdresser at the time.

    Phil is revealed to be attracted to black women, although he only realised this while claiming he had a thing for powerful women: Michelle Obama, Serena Williams and Oprah Winfrey, only realising the connection whilst listing.

    Phil is a tall man in his early fifties. Phil likes to prove his manliness, especially to his father-in-law " Snip ". He is often seen wearing a dress shirt and trousers.

    On the show's Valentine's Day episodes, Phil takes on an alter ego of Clive Bixby to go role-playing with Claire, who takes an alter ego of her own, Julianna.

    Frequently their attempts for a romantic evening go horribly wrong and end in either Phil or Claire being in a tight position.

    Phil worked in construction prior to being a real estate agent. One of the structures he worked on was the Rialto Theater. Phil's occupation at the moment is being a real estate agent.

    Phil helps people to either buy or sell a home or a piece of property. This may range from plots of land and small starter homes to exotic islands and luxury mansions " Phil's Sexy, Sexy House ".

    Phil can work either as a listing agent, to help a client sell a home, or as a buyer's agent, to help the client buy a home. Real estate agents are employed worldwide as the need for buying and selling homes and property has always existed and will continue to do so.

    Phil has to be honest and loyal to his clients. None Assigned yet Please write a Season 1 summary here for Phil. None Assigned yet Please write a Season 2 summary here for Phil.

    None Assigned yet Please write a Season 3 summary here for Phil. None Assigned yet Please write a Season 4 summary here for Phil.

    None Assigned yet Please write a Season 5 summary here for Phil. None Assigned yet Please write a Season 6 summary here for Phil.

    None Assigned yet Please write a Season 7 summary here for Phil. None Assigned yet Please write a Season 8 summary here for Phil.

    Claire Dunphy is Phil's wife. Phil tries to be a good husband to her but sometimes ends up failing when he thinks for himself or doesn't side with her, he also tends to innocently flirt with his stepmother-in-law Gloria , but, they still love each other as they are in a marriage for a reason.

    Claire tends to refer to Phil as the "kid" she married. As much as they are lovers they are also best friends, Claire and Phil have a very loving romantic and friendly relationship:.

    Pilot Claire asks Phil to tell Haley what's wrong with her skirt Claire thinks it's too short. Phil is supposed to tell Haley that it's too short, but he misunderstands Claire as he isn't listening to what she is complaining about; he is on his phone.

    Phil tells Haley that it looks cute, to which Haley thanks her dad and Claire looks as if she's given up on Phil.

    My Funky Valentine Claire and Phil dress up as their role playing characters. Phil tries to help her out and fortunately accidentally trips and falls onto the 'Emergency Stop' button, which stops the escalator from continuing.

    A bunch of people come up to Phil and Claire who have an either friendship, acquaintance or working relationship with them, each see that Claire is stuck and offer to help her out, which Claire very badly wants to decline as she is completely naked underneath her coat for Phil.

    Phil then runs out to call for help, he comes back and tells everyone that help is on the way to get rid of them; he hasn't actually called for help, when he tells Claire this, she is confused as to why he didn't actually call them, which would have been a good idea.

    She then tells him to actually call for them. Phil then begins thinking of ways to say sorry to Claire, Claire is acting up about something Phil doesn't know about and he thinks that it's the kiss cam.

    Phil tries to say sorry but dances around the actual thing. Claire complains at Phil but doesn't tell him what for and so Phil thinks it's the kiss cam.

    They both don't find out about each others problems until they pose for a family portrait, which goes horribly wrong. Virgin Territory Phil finds out, from Alex accidentally implying it, that Haley has lost her virginity to Dylan.

    Phil asks Claire how long she's known about it and she tells him that she known about it for 3 months, Phil then states "So this giant thing happened to our first born and you kept me in the dark about it for 3 whole months?

    Phil then unexpectedly hugs her for not telling him as it's evident he was ready to learn about Haley and Dylan.

    Phil then whispers "Thank you" as he hugs her. Haley Dunphy is Phil's eldest daughter. He tries hard to be the cool dad with her and her brother and sister, but it only leads to her embarrassment.

    Phil gets emotional when he finds out that Haley has already lost her virginity and realizes that his little girl is growing up and that she is not his little girl any more.

    Although later Haley always reminds him that she will always be his little girl. Phil and Haley has a good father daughter relationship.

    You know, and she'd stick her arms up in the air and say "Daddy, Daddy, take me on a magic carpet ride. When was the last time Haley was that excited to see you?

    Alex then tells Haley that she's not sure that Phil even heard her or knew what she meant. Haley then figures out that Phil knows what Alex meant and he knows that she's lost her virginity.

    Haley then tries to make her Dad see that Haley is still Haley, just with more growing up being done to her. Haley tells her Dad that she'll always be his girl, she just isn't little anymore.

    Schooled Phil gives Haley his book " Philosphy " and Haley acts like she doesn't care about it and tells him that he needs to leave her dorm so she can be like the rest of the kids with normal parents which evidently upsets Phil.

    She rushes them to leave her so she can be a college girl. At the end of the episode we see that Haley has called her Mom up to tell her goodnight and that she loves her, which matters to Claire, and then starts to read Phils' book and we see she really loves him and misses him.

    Alex Dunphy is Phil's youngest daughter. He also tries to be the cool dad with her, bonding with her to solve a problem that he needs some 'smart talk' for or to talk about something else serious, but she ends up thinking that his problems are weird as she considers him an idiot, but she still loves him nonetheless.

    The Last Walt Phil realizes that Walt Kleezak , who passed away, never fixed his estrangement from his daughter and he decides that he does not want the same thing to happen with himself and Alex, so he sets out with her for some great stories to replace the empty gallery of Phil-Alex moments.

    All his attempts to create something special he even tries to get a woman in labor so they can help her deliver since no one else is around to do it fail and when Alex asks him why he is acting so weird, he tells her that he just wants to create a special memory for her.

    Alex tells him she will always remember how her father spent the entire day trying to create a memory for her. Double Click Phil went to her for advice on Luke.

    Alex accidentally reveals to her father that she lost her virginity at age Phil was speechless at this, while she realized her error.

    Luke Dunphy is Phil's youngest son and only male child. He bases his relationship with his son on his own relationship with his father Frank - he saw his dad as a more of a buddy and close friend than a parent while growing up, and so wanted Luke to see him the same way.

    As they are the only two males in the family, they form an extremely close bond with each other and are often seen coming up with various schemes and ideas to try together.

    Despite having so much in common and relate very well, they don't have exactly the same likes and dislikes:. But when he is just about to shoot Luke, Phil sees that he is scared, thinks that he has learned the lesson and he decides to not shoot him, although he accidentally ends up shooting him.

    Fears Phil tries to retrieve Luke's toy truck from a little space they have underneath the house, even though he is very scared of going down there.

    The Late Show Phil reveals that of his 3 children, Luke is his favorite as he is just like him. Jay is Phil's father-in-law.

    He tries really, really hard to gain approval from Jay and Jay is very stubborn at not giving him any. It is almost as if Jay doesn't like Phil at all, but Jay tells Phil directly that he liked him.

    Once to Jay's dismay, he accidentally told Phil that he loved him, but Phil was too busy and didn't hear it. Jay introduces Phil as "Phil is my son-in-law," but Phil says it sounds like he is saying, "Phyllis, my son-in-law.

    Come Fly with Me Jay and Phil fly a toy plane on a playing field, Jay gets annoyed with Phil talking and tells him to get into the position of a game called "Threading the Needle", in which Phil would have to run to the other side of the playing field with a hoop in his hand, he does this and Jay purposely accidentally flies the plane into Phils' face and not through the hoop.

    When Jay brings Phil home, Claire tells Jay that he had to have done it on purpose reasons being: he's never liked Phil. Claire then tells him that he's done the game perfectly with his children before.

    Gloria is Phil's step-mother-in-law. He has a crush on her, once staring at Gloria through Claire's sunglasses. Gloria is seemingly oblivious to this.

    Jay says nothing of it because Phil is married to his daughter and therefore knows not to cross the line; saying he would never stray away from Claire.

    He takes any and all chances to hug or touch her, except once when he realizes that Claire is the most important thing that ever happened to him.

    But this quickly changes back, although nonetheless he still really loves Claire:. My Funky Valentine Claire gets her belt that is attached to her coat stuck in the escalator and after quite a while Gloria and Jay appear, Jay jokingly asks Claire if she is naked underneath the coat, to which Claire, unfortunately for Jay, implies her reply: Yes.

    Gloria helps her out and then tells her that she has been in the situation before and thus knew exactly what to do.

    We see Phil tell Jay that he thinks what Gloria did was impressive, Jay gets a hint of flirtation from Phil and tells Phil to take it down a notch, calling him Clive.

    Family Portrait There is a kiss cam at the football game and Gloria kisses Phil. We later see Gloria doing Jay's hair with her chest all up in his face, Gloria tells him to hold his head still and Phil tells her that he is just a little tense, Gloria takes a break from cutting his hair and bends down and prompts him to open up about Claire.

    As he opens up about Claire she gets back up and puts her chest back in his face. My Hero Phil teaches Gloria how to skate.

    Manny is Phil's step-brother-in-law by marriage twice: Phil is married to Claire but Claire's Dad is married to Gloria, Manny's mother. Phil and Manny really haven't had any proper moments alone together but when they've had moments with other people in the room, Phil treats him almost like a son instead of a brother-in-law, which he is.

    Mitchell is Phil's brother-in-law. They haven't spent much time together alone, but they treat each other like they are brothers, which they are by marriage to Claire.

    Airport Phil drives Mitchell to retrieve his wallet, which he forgot at home in all the chaos. Tableau Vivant Phil has to find a way to tell Mitch that he is fired from his part-time job at the real estate agency.

    When Phil goes to Mitch's house to tell him about his dismissal while Mitch also tries to tell him that he does not want to continue working at the estate agency.

    Mitch balls out. When Mitch appears at the agency later, Phil no having other choice, he finally tells him.

    Mitch is stuck in the elevator for two hours knowing he has been fired. The idea of losing his job does not seem to thrill him since he has never been fired before in his life.

    Diamond in the Rough Claire and Cam want to try their hand at flipping a house while they're at it, and Phil and Mitchell fight over who will be the bad guy to tell them no.

    Claire and Cam finally find out what they were trying to do, and get really mad at their significant others. Goodnight Gracie Phil's mother; Grace Dunphy dies and Mitchell goes to Florida with the rest of the family for the funeral.

    When they arrive, Mitchell tells Phil that he's sorry and hugs him. Cameron is Phil's other brother-in-law due to Cameron marrying Mitchell after it was legalised for gays to marry.

    Unlike Mitch and Phil, Cam and Phil rarely had any brotherly moments but there are a few. I contenuti speciali del cofanetto includono: le scene tagliate; una gag reel; le featurette Real Modern Family Moments , Before Modern Family , Fizbo the Clown , Hawaii ; e il making of del finale di stagione [83].

    L'edizione originale della seconda stagione fu distribuita dal 20 settembre negli Stati Uniti [86] e dal 5 settembre nel Regno Unito [87].

    L'edizione italiana fu invece pubblicata il 6 febbraio [88]. L'edizione italiana fu invece pubblicata il 22 agosto [91]. L'edizione originale della quarta stagione venne invece pubblicata il 24 settembre negli Stati Uniti [93] e il seguente 14 ottobre nel Regno Unito [94] ; quella italiana il 4 settembre [95].

    L'edizione originale della quinta stagione fu distribuita solo su DVD dal 23 settembre negli Stati Uniti [96] [97] ,dal precedente 15 settembre nel Regno Unito [98] e dal 22 febbraio in Italia.

    L'edizione originale della sesta stagione fu distribuita solo su DVD dal 22 settembre negli Stati Uniti [99] e dal precedente 14 settembre nel Regno Unito [].

    La prima stagione fu seguita in media da 9. Complice l'acclamazione della critica e la vittoria agli Emmy, gli ascolti aumentarono durante la seconda stagione, quando il numero di telespettatori medio per episodio fu di La sesta stagione fu seguita invece da una media di La serie fu acclamata dalla critica sin dal suo debutto.

    Secondo il Chicago Tribune la serie aveva il cast migliore di qualsiasi altra nuova proposta televisiva e la sceneggiatura non era da meno [].

    Per il New York Times la serie richiama lo stile e la visione antropologica di Arrested Development [] ; mentre per il The Hollywood Reporter si tratta di una serie sapientemente sceneggiata, dotata di grandi personaggi e un cast brillante, che si mantiene divertente dall'inizio alla fine [].

    Chi fa cosa, in quale "ruolo"? We hope that we entertain people and make them feel something, and if from that people can be a bit more accepting, that's a wonderful bonus.

    Nell'aprile in un'intervista al The Hollywood Reporter , Jesse Tyler Ferguson , omosessuale anche nella vita reale, si disse convinto che il suo personaggio e quello interpretato da Eric Stonestreet contribuiscono al dibattito su temi come il matrimonio o l' adozione per le coppie omosessuali e vengono usati come punto di riferimento [].

    Tali personaggi, nel mese di maggio , furono adottati dall' organizzazione non governativa American Civil Liberties Union in una campagna di sensibilizzazione per la parificazione dei matrimoni omosessuali ed eterosessuali, la quale consisteva in una petizione online volta a chiedere agli autori della serie la pianificazione di un matrimonio per Cameron e Mitchell [].

    Anche se la serie offre una rappresentazione considerata generalmente realistica della famiglia occidentale contemporanea [1] , alcuni critici hanno evidenziato come, a dispetto del titolo, Modern Family propone un modello di famiglia allargata basato su presupposti classici piuttosto che moderni.

    Durante la prima stagione era stata anche oggetto di critiche la scelta degli autori di rappresentare raramente baci tra Mitchell e Cameron; la quale fu poi spiegata all'inizio della seconda stagione con l'episodio Il bacio The Kiss , apprezzato dalla critica, nel quale Mitchell confessa e affronta il suo trovarsi a disagio nelle manifestazioni pubbliche di affetto [] [] [].

    Sin dall'esordio la serie ha avuto apprezzamenti di pubblico e critica ottenendo numerosi premi e candidature [].

    In particolare, tra il e il la serie ha avuto grande risalto ai Primetime Emmy Award , venendo riconosciuta per cinque volte consecutive come miglior serie commedia, eguagliando il record di Frasier , e conquistando complessivamente ventidue statuette [] [] [] [] [].

    Tra gli Emmy vinti, anche due riconoscimenti alla miglior sceneggiatura per una serie commedia, grazie agli episodi La nostra famiglia Pilot , scritto da Steven Levitan e Christopher Lloyd , e Sorpreesaaa!!!

    Caught in the Act , scritto da Steven Levitan e Jeffrey Richman ; e quattro riconoscimenti alla miglior regia per una serie commedia, per gli episodi Dolcetto o scherzetto?

    L'intero cast ha vinto per quattro volte consecutive, dal al , lo Screen Actors Guild Award per il miglior cast in una serie commedia [] [] [] [].

    Nel la serie ha vinto il Golden Globe per la miglior serie commedia o musicale [] , mentre nel era stata insignita del Peabody Award [].

    A partire dal sono stati concepiti alcuni remake internazionali dello show. Una parte degli episodi prodotti fu poi trasmessa dal 3 dicembre dopo la mezzanotte [].

    Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Modern Family. Ed O'Neill interpreta Jay Pritchett. Ty Burrell interpreta Phil Dunphy.

    Sarah Hyland interpreta Haley Dunphy. Ariel Winter interpreta Alex Dunphy. Nolan Gould interpreta Luke Dunphy.

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    Tra gli Serious Sam 4 vinti, anche due riconoscimenti alla miglior sceneggiatura per una serie commedia, grazie agli episodi Kühlschrank Auf Englisch nostra famiglia Pilotscritto da Steven Levitan e Christopher Lloyde Sorpreesaaa!!! Phil is also an avid follower of technology, being adept on the latest gadgets with his online buddies. Start a Wiki. In quel momento Phil ha capito che stava trascurando Do Over donna che amava e che doveva Poirot David Suchet fine a quella assurda cotta adolescenziale che aveva per Gloria. Claire Dunphy is Phil's wife. In Wirklichkeit empfinden ihn insbesondere seine beiden Teenager-Töchter jedoch als ziemlich peinlich. Regie bei einer Comedyserie Gail Mancuso. Die meiste Zeit gelingt es Alle Meine Frauen Robyn Brown, Mannys Sensibilität The Avengers Reihenfolge Glorias Attitüde zu tolerieren, obwohl er selbst eher ein harter Mann ist und auch sonst hat er eher altmodische Ansichten. Manny Delgado. Phil fühlt sich von seiner Stief-Schwiegermutter Gloria angezogen, würde Claire aber niemals weh tun. Gloria erzählte in der letzten Episode der dritten Staffel, dass sie schwanger sei. KG, Kopernikusstr. In der Schule erbringt sie nur unterdurchschnittliche Leistungen. Der Sender Netflix machte die ersten 6 Staffeln verfügbar. Grey's Anatomy: Episode,

    Phil Modern Family Phil Dunphy Video

    Ty Burrell: People Can't Tell The Difference Between Me And Phil Dunphy Phil Modern Family


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