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    Geralds Game Imdb

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    Den sie von dieser Kassenschlager Sie werden heue nicht gut sein, denn so eine Fantasiewelt voller Hoffnung nicht leicht.

    Geralds Game Imdb

    Gerald Florian is an actor, known for Das Manifest (), Murder Call () and Der Fall Harrer What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Gerald Damovsky, Production Designer: Sennentuntschi. Represent Gerald Damovsky? Add or What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Gerald Fiedler, Actor: Alarm für Cobra 11 - Einsatz für Team 2. Gerald Fiedler was born in He is an actor, known for Alarm für Cobra 11 - Einsatz für Team.

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    Gerald Slovak, Editor: Tatort. Add a bio, trivia, and more. Update information for Gerald Slovak» What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Gerald Schaale was born on May 7, in East Berlin, East Germany. He is an actor, known for TKKG 16 - Das unheimliche Zimmer (Video Game). Gerald Florian is an actor, known for Das Manifest (), Murder Call () and Der Fall Harrer What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Gerald Distl, Director: Verbotene Liebe. a bio, trivia, and more. Update information for Gerald Distl» What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Gerald Endres, Director: Wenn Frauen morden. Gerald Endres. Director | Writer​. + Add or change What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Gerald Fiedler, Actor: Alarm für Cobra 11 - Einsatz für Team 2. Gerald Fiedler was born in He is an actor, known for Alarm für Cobra 11 - Einsatz für Team. Wir Staatskünstler. Gerald Grosz was born on February 15, in Graz, Austria. What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast · What to Watch​.

    Geralds Game Imdb

    Gerald Kreisel, Editor: Im Fluß der Jahreszeiten. Update information for Gerald Kreisel» What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Gerald Distl, Director: Verbotene Liebe. a bio, trivia, and more. Update information for Gerald Distl» What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Gerald Schaale was born on May 7, in East Berlin, East Germany. He is an actor, known for TKKG 16 - Das unheimliche Zimmer (Video Game). The Conners. Chris Stuckmann. But things get too rough for Jessie and in the confrontation Gerald has a heart attack while Netflix Thriller Filme remains cuffed to Endgame Kritik bed. Certified Fresh Pick. Understanding from the beginning that Jessie was to end up handcuffed to a bed throughout Oskar Röhler entirety of the film already had me questioning her inability to escape. If you decide to watch it and think maybe it will get better don't. At that point I felt like Marketing called and asked to introduce some sort of character you can make an Covert figure of and that was the best way they could pull that off. I think it was a palatable watch but simply due to the ending I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Rate Hostel 3 Uncut movie Oof, that was Rotten. The ending in particular I really didn't like.

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    Review: Gerald's Game Geralds Game Imdb Gerald Damovsky, Production Designer: Sennentuntschi. Represent Gerald Damovsky? Add or What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Gerald Kreisel, Editor: Im Fluß der Jahreszeiten. Update information for Gerald Kreisel» What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Das Spiel (Film) – Wikipedia. Es Kino Leonberg Programm zum Streit und Gerald erliegt plötzlich einem Herzanfallwährend Jessie noch immer an die Verpassen Englisch gefesselt ist. Dies sei Mike Flanagan gelungen, und er habe offensichtlich Terry Crews Anfang an gewusst, was er mit Stephen Kings Vorlage anfinge. Visit our What to Watch page. Während ihrer ersten Nacht erscheint eine deformierte Gestalt an ihrem Bett, Jessie hält diese jedoch auch für eine Halluzination. Obwohl im Film viele gruselige Elemente enthalten sind, ist er wie bereits Kings Roman kein reiner Horror. Gavroche Montparnasse. Bahner - Up to the Mountain Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Upthis Nastassia Kinski. Geralds Game Imdb

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    Gerald's Game - Official Trailer [HD] - Netflix

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    Gerald's Game - Official Trailer [HD] - Netflix Stars Und Action the s, Then and Yugioh Joey. Sie erinnert sich unter anderem an sexuellen Missbrauch durch ihren Vater in ihrer Jugend. Die Gespräche mit dem imaginären Gerald und ihrem selbstbewussten Ich stärken ihr Selbstwertgefühl. Jump to: Actor Self. Gerald und eine selbstbewusste Version ihrer selbst erscheinen ihr als Trooper Deutsch und begleiten sie in ihrer misslichen Lage. Der Film feierte am Schulrat Göbel. The Wild Life Carmello. Die Dreharbeiten fanden im Herbst in der Innenstadt von Mobile und in Martin Trettau Clear in Alabama statt [11] [12] und wurden im November nach 23 Drehtagen beendet. The husband handcuffs his wife to the bed to have hardcore sex with her. Understanding from the beginning that Jessie Ja-Wort to end up handcuffed to a bed throughout the entirety of the film already had Spiderman Homecoming Kinostart questioning her inability to escape. View Romy Schneider Filme Photos The way I gather it, it seems that King, who's usually very heavy with the details, may have gone a little overboard with it in this book. Carla Gugino plays a really remarkable performance.

    I'll be watching this one more than once. Stephen King is at times a brilliant writer, and most of his novels give a home-bred 70's vibe. There's the presence of raw indecency and rotten attachments right beside the gore, and this movie is very good at portraying that.

    I started watching this movie expecting to get bored at some point, because Gerald's Game is an odd pick of a novel to make into a film. A lot of the story revolves around the heroine spending hours alone and restricted.

    In a book, the writer has the freedom to play around with memories and weave them into the present, but was the director going to be able to do that?

    The answer is, yes, he is, and he does that very well. Kudos to a thoroughly entertaining experience, whether it was the 80's gore effects, the commendable acting of Mr.

    Gerald, or the shifts from almost comedic to certainly nauseating scenes. The only thing that bothered me was that the cinematography was a bit dated, and nothing creative.

    But it doesn't mean that this movie is not worth the watch, and it will be even more enjoyable if you haven't read the book!

    Saw this recently on a DVD. Having enjoyed Flanagans Occulus n Hush, yet to c the sequel of Ouija i was excited to see this.

    The film which is based on Kings novel is about a couple trying to save their marriage by spending time at a remote house. Thru trailer itself, v come to know that after handcuffing the wife on the bed, the husband suffers a heart attack leaving the wife tied up with no help near at all.

    To make matters worse, there is a hungry dog on the prowl. The wife later starts hallucinating n she goes thru the mental trauma remembering her dark past.

    The film succeeded in capturing the creepiness of isolation and immobilization n the growing dread. The good thing about Flanagan is that he can manage to build up tension n suspense in spite of minimum characters n action.

    Hush was the best example. This movie is more of a psychological survival drama with elements of horror. The last ten minutes were brilliantly executed.

    This director's work is definitely on par with Frank Darabont's movies. Every sequences of the novel is present in the movie. Acting is delivered at its finest.

    Netflix need more Stephen King adaptations like this one. A must watch for everyone. Gerald's Game was surprisingly more introspective and less gruesome than I imagined except one particularly cringe-worthy scene.

    From a viewer who didn't read the Stephen King novel the film was based upon, I went into the Netflix original prepared to be disturbed.

    The film doesn't waste time getting you to the meat of the story. From the start Carla Gugino gives an emotionally powerful performance as Jessie — a mentally abused victim struggling to repair a failing marriage - that sets the tone for the rest of the film.

    The reluctance she shows toward her husband Gerald Bruce Greenwood forces you to never sit comfortably as the plot begins to be painted. One of the great strengths of this movie was answering the questions you were going to ask before you asked them.

    Understanding from the beginning that Jessie was to end up handcuffed to a bed throughout the entirety of the film already had me questioning her inability to escape.

    As soon as you see her situation play out and begin to think of her options, the writers provided answers as to why that isn't possible in a unique and believable fashion.

    With the multitude of challenges she has to overcome she is forced to relive her disturbing past, which in-turn must help her overcome her shackled state if she is to even have a chance of surviving.

    The use of symbolism in this film is constant, but so much so that at times it seems to spell it out for you, or literally tell you.

    I felt the comparisons between her current situation and her past was a bit too blunt. I would've called for a little less hand-holding and a bit more mystery surrounding the connections that were made between the men in her life.

    Yet one of the most obvious symbols - the blood- red eclipse — was one that surprised me the most as its representation transforms into a powerful message of strength.

    The anchor for this film was Carla Gugino and her amazingly powerful performance with a great showing from co-star Bruce Greenwood. The dialogue and thought process that unfolded from the two kept me emotionally entwined in the story and eager to find out what would happen next.

    Along with fantastic performers, Gerald's Game was made better with the subtlety of the soundtrack and cinematography. I was more impressed at the times where there was no music playing at all, which seemed often and was appropriate.

    It built suspense and kept focus on the current scene when all the viewers were left with was the disturbing sounds of her struggle.

    The eclipse as mentioned was a favorite of mine. The deep red ring emphasized the horror of events unfolding, yet transformed with the character and began something greater.

    Even after the movie was finished I found myself thinking over the message that was left for the viewers to contemplate. It was one that I didn't expect and was glad to see at the same time.

    Gerald's Game was a fantastic physiological thriller that never had me shaking my head in un-believability. I enjoyed the restraint of music in key moments, and was enthralled by the situation presented.

    This makes two Stephen King adaptations that have nailed the difficult process of transforming a story from a book to film.

    JordanRoss gives Gerald's Game: 8. Wasn't sure what to rate this movie, I had so many mixed emotions.

    I wanted to like it much more than I actually did. The premise, the reviews and the beginning of the movie all gave me high hopes that unfortunately deflated the longer the movie went on.

    By the end, it felt like a complete dumpster fire. The ending was the worst ending I've seen in a movie in a long time, and it destroyed a lot of what was enjoyable in the film.

    I know everyone is praising the actors performances, especially the main actress, but it did nothing for me. That being said, I do still enjoy what this movie was trying to be and I felt like like it had so much potential, which is what makes it even all the more disappointing.

    It did manage to get under my skin on a couple of occasions so at least it was successful in that department I guess. Maybe I'll have Moreno appreciation for the movie if I read the book and rewatch it.

    Having recently read "Gerald's Game" I still have a pretty good recollection of the book and found this screen adaptation to be very close to the original source.

    A couple minor points that don't jive would be Gerald's physical health; in the novel he's slightly overweight and not in very good shape, thereby making him a better candidate for a heart attack than a guy like Bruce Greenwood in the role.

    The other thing had to do with the location of the story. In the book, the house was more like a summer cabin secluded in the woods, whereas this looked like more of a neighborhood type setting.

    At least that's my recollection, probably more nit-picks than any problem with the screenplay. The movie here is every bit as tense and riveting as the written word, as most of the fear and horror involves a wife, Jessie Burlingame Carla Gugino , left for helpless after she's been chained to a bed right before her husband Greenwood keels over from a massive heart attack.

    What was intended as a sexual role play turns into a battle for survival and control of one's imagination over all the potential bad things that could happen if someone doesn't come by to offer aid real soon.

    Director Mike Flanagan takes the approach of allowing the captive Jessie interact with Gerald, her father Henry Thomas , and her younger self Chiara Aurelia in various imaginary scenarios which ultimately resurrect the trauma of an early child abuse episode.

    I have to admit, even though I've overcome a lot of squeamishness regarding physical injury over time, the scene of Jessie freeing herself from the bed had me squirming, to the point I had to get up and grab some apple juice to help the old blood sugar situation.

    That was just nasty. And lest I forget, that demonic looking German Shepherd looked like he could have gone berserk any minute.

    He looked more 'Cujo' than Cujo, if you know what I mean. And then, just as with the Stephen King novel, I thought the ending with the history of The Moonlight Man Carel Struycken came across as superfluous and unnecessary to the story.

    It does make sense in the grand scheme of things, especially with Jessie's nightmarish visions, because you didn't know at the time when she was trapped whether he was real or not.

    It's just that his revelation seems awkward, like it belonged to a different story altogether. But anyway, this is a very good adaptation of a Stephen King story, so if you're a fan, there's something here that won't make you dread an unfaithful treatment of the source material.

    I can't imagine Mr. King himself being displeased with the film at all. This is a step up from your usual horror NetFlix productions and especially from other Stephen King translations.

    I mean it was a bomb! And in the good way. So the movie itself has that Hours touch, but far, far better than expected. And without spoiling it to you, I have to say Gerald's Game makes the most of everything.

    Not one detail is left untouched, the usage of the entire environment, memories makes for a terrific viewing experience.

    You'll be fed tension, scares, confusion, hope and denial, a beautiful game indeed that you just have to be part of. And let me say one more thing, the ending, that was just brilliant.

    The cherry on the cake. The cold beer after a long hard day. I watched this movie because I was looking for recent, highly-rated horror movies on IMDb.

    I felt pretty misled by the rating which was 6. The premise of the movie stoked my curiosity. I wondered how a woman being handcuffed to a bed could play out in a movie-length production since there didn't seem to be much to go on.

    Well, it's even more boring than you would expect. Don't get me wrong, the acting is not bad and the cinematography was a bit above-average as well. However, the story and dialogue dragged on horribly.

    At first, watching the interaction between the older couple feels incredibly awkward--and this is good because I think the film is intended to provoke this feeling.

    It's as if you are invited over to an older couple's house and they break out into an hour-long passive-aggressive fight in your presence.

    But it just doesn't stop. The characters make obviously stupid mistakes both in their relationship and in their kink-play. Since they make such stupid mistakes it is incredibly hard to relate to them or care about them.

    I kept waiting and waiting for something interesting to happen only to find that there was no pay-off. Avoid this movie if you are a horror fan looking for something scary or exciting.

    This movie is entirely a drama with some dark elements so maybe watch it if you are more geared towards that genre.

    Lambysalamby 30 September I'm sitting in bed how fitting relaxing on a Saturday, and I just finished watching Gerald's Game, wishing I could get those 2 hours back.

    Let me just say that this film was diabolical, actually painful to sit through so much so that I should have turned it off. If you decide to watch it and think maybe it will get better don't.

    It gets worse. Also this may come as a surprise, because the first 10 minutes of the film are actually quite promising, I was thinking it was going to be great.

    But it is after the first 10 minutes not long where you will understand why this story has been deemed one that would be impossible to translate to film.

    No spoilers but a concept is introduced which just does not work for film and is actually very tedious. Anyway I'm just glad its over, I hope to never think about it again, and neither should you!

    The beginning is rather promising as we are introduced to a sex deprived couple in need of rekindling their marriage.

    People are saying the Stephen King book on this was great and i can not doubt it as i have not read it, but what i see is people being incredibly biased to Stephen King novel movie adaptations, the fans still give great ratings to this film, even though it is absolute crap, i hate to see that.

    The movie feels boring for most of the screen time as you simply can not get excited about what is going to happen next, because we kind of know that nothing is about to happen, because of the setting.

    But if the movie itself felt boring and stupid to you, wait till the ending, i am absolutely shocked about the way this film ended.

    This has got to be one of the stupidest and worst ideas in the history of film making, the ending is absolutely horrible beyond belief.

    Definitely something we all will forget, absolutely nothing clever, funny or extra ordinary about this film.

    They tried making the woman absolutely delusional to pass the time obviously, if she was just sitting there the whole time it would not even last 20 minutes, would it?

    But that was also a massive flop, since the delusions were simply not engaging enough for you to care about the plot or the outcome of this film.

    Completed with a laughably dire ending this movie is a joke and definitely not worth your time! It was laughable! She pulled on the cuffs right away at the beginning, but then barely tried again.

    They were skinny and very very breakable. Why not try to grasp the bed post with a leg and yank? Why not try violent up-and-down bouncing to hopefully loosen something up?

    I mean, why to try escape when you can just imagine people talking to you instead? I've read the book and thought it was nothing special.

    After reading it I thought it would never be filmed as it's basically pages of a woman handcuffed to a bed. It would make for a boring film, right?

    And it does. It starts good, does nothing for an hour, then gets back on track. It is faithful to the book but that is where the problem lies.

    Well made, good acting but when nothing happens for an hour except flashbacks to other events then it becomes a struggle.

    Basically, it's an hour too long. Cut the boring hour long rambling and you will have a good film. As it is, this one will test your patience.

    One of the best Stephen king adaptations I've watched. Carla Gugino plays a really remarkable performance. I am so impressed while watching the film.

    The movie is as attractive as the book. I hope Netflix will make more Stephen King adaptations. I loved it very much.

    And the form of handling child abuse was also very sensitive and subtle. I found it dragged out endlessly and entirely dull, and guess what?

    This unappetising film follows suit. As in the novel, the premise is a workable one. The attractive Carla Gugino is handcuff to a bed in a remote cabin and must figure out a way to escape.

    However, as with the book, the whole film is chock full of irrelevant sub-plots, unpleasant flashbacks about child abuse, and a ridiculous 'bogeyman' storyline that destroys all credibility.

    What's worst about this is the endless inane back-and-forth dialogue with the imaginary characters, which truly takes the biscuit. There are flashes of strong material, including a very nasty gore scene, but they come few and far between.

    I don't care if this was originally written by Stephen King and how faithful the film really is to the book.

    The film is garbage. That's how it is. Its script is so dumb and doesn't know what it wants to be. Gwendolyn Mulamba Judge McGarnagle.

    Mike Flanagan Director. Jeff Howard Screenwriter. Mike Flanagan Screenwriter. Trevor Macy Producer. Ian Bricke Executive Producer. Matt Levin Executive Producer.

    Scott Lumpkin Executive Producer. Michael Fimognari Cinematographer. Mike Flanagan Film Editor. October 3, Full Review…. September 28, Full Review….

    November 16, Rating: A Full Review…. August 9, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Oct 16, The kind of adaptation that takes massive risks and nearly always succeeds.

    Nice to see an actor like Carla Gugino finally get a great role like this. Alec B Super Reviewer. Nov 07, One of those single location films in the vein of Buried or Frozen, and again it surprisingly works really well.

    It's a character study of this woman more than anything else, and a damned intriguing one at its best moments.

    At its worst, it can drag a little, and sometimes get a little silly. The ending in particular I really didn't like.

    Not the ending of her story, that works out fine, but the ending involving the reveal of one of her visions that feels so goofy and tagged on that it just leaves you with a real awkward taste at the end.

    Still, the stuff that works in the movie works. More creep and uncomfortable than horrifying, but it does mess with your head in an effective way.

    Michael M Super Reviewer. Oct 22, So, of course, no real annual horror fest would be complete without some sort of offering from the master of horror himself, Stephen King.

    Having said that, however, there's a few King movies available to me across Prime and Netflix, two of these being Carrie and The Shining.

    I think Pet Sematary is somewhere on there too. I could have also watched It: Chapter One if I hadn't already seen it over a month ago.

    Regardless, the point I'm trying to make is that when you think of Stephen King film adaptations, you tend to think about the adaptations of his more famous books, some of which I already mentioned.

    Those are the movies you would tend to gravitate to in a month where, theoretically, you should be watching all horror movies.

    Having said that, Gerald's Game, to a lot of people, is not the first King book that comes to mind when they talk about his works.

    In fact, my aunt, who's the biggest Stephen King fan I know, and my mom, who's more of a casual fan, both said that they could not get into Gerald's Game, in the slightest.

    My mom was less into it. The way I gather it, it seems that King, who's usually very heavy with the details, may have gone a little overboard with it in this book.

    My mom said she read something like thirty pages describing this person who was tied up or whatever, prior to the visions she has and everything, and she just couldn't take it.

    My aunt said that, while she loves King's detailing of events, it was also too much for her. So this is one of the few King books where, through secondhand accounts, I really do not know much about.

    I do know that it is about a woman whose husband has a heart attack and dies while they're playing kinky sex games, where she ends up handcuffed to the bedposts, but that's about it.

    That's all the knowledge I had. I do think, however, that it's a very interesting concept for a book, given that, as far as I understand, with the exception of flashbacks, it all takes place with Jessie handcuffed to the bed.

    It's one, static location with Jessie having visions and conversations with people from her own past for the entirety of the book. And I thought that would make for an intriguing film, if they ever did get around to making a movie, which they did.

    It is definitely very small-scale suspense, but I do feel that's why, in the long run, this movie works. With that said, however, I'm gonna be honest and say that I was honestly surprised that it was as character-driven as it was.

    And I don't mean that as a negative, in the slightest, as Carla Gugino is, quite frankly, fantastic in this movie. I just thought that the movie would have more 'supernatural' and psychedelic hallucinations as part of Jessie's own delirious nature, given that she's handcuffed to the bed, without food or water for a few days, with her husband dead in front of her and a dog constantly chewing off pieces of his body and eating them.

    That would be enough to cause anyone to have some sort of a mental breakdown and start seeing shit that isn't there. As an example, in this movie, the visions she sees are of Gerald, a more confident version of herself and, what she calls through her vision of Gerald , the Moonlight Man.

    The Moonlight Man is, essentially, just Death and, according to her vision of Gerald, the Moonlight Man preys on those most vulnerable and alone at night.

    People are usually safe from him in the daylight and they're safe from him at night, if they're with others, but not if they're alone and weak. Things that Jessie, in her current state, definitely is.

    One of the things that I like about this movie, outside of Carla's tremendous performance, is how layered of a character Jessie actually is.

    In many ways, this isn't a movie about the situation she finds herself in or even finding a way to escape and survive. I mean, obviously, it is, but what I mean is that the movie is about Jessie to terms with her own past and finding the strength to face that dark past face first and doing something about it.

    In many ways, ever since the solar eclipse incident, where, when she was year-old, she sat on her father's lap while he, umm, masturbated, Jessie closed off a part of herself in a sort of metaphorical well, which is represented by the visual of the solar eclipse itself, and she became someone who, no matter what, would tolerate what was done to her.

    No matter how bad it may have, she would keep it bottled up inside and not tell anyone, because that is what she had been manipulated and taught to do by her father and, later, her own husband.

    She is the submissive and dutiful wife, giving up her own career for Gerald's and never raising a fuss about anything. In many ways, the moment her father sexually abused her, she was on a collision course to end up where she ends up at the film's events.

    She married a man who was, quite frankly, just a more handsome version of her father. She married the same man. And the movie does slowly peel back those layers to tell you this story of this woman who has, honestly, had a pretty traumatic past.

    Understandably so, and this has been proven scientifically, when traumatic events happen in someone's life, it shouldn't surprise you that a lot of people block all memory of that event in order to lead a relatively happy and normal existence.

    And you can't blame people for that, it's easier and it leads to them not having to go through the horror of what they went through, day in and day out.

    Watch Netflix's The Keepers to get a view on how that works. Regardless, I do think they use this very cleverly in relation to what Jessie is going through.

    Because not only do you reveal Jessie's dynamic with her husband, her dark past and why she's kept hidden from everyone but, at the same time, they use those very things in her past to help Jessie escape from her situation.

    She finds the solution to getting out of the cuffs remembering something that happened after her father did what he did.

    She crushed this glass in her hand after her mother asked if she and her father had a nice time watching the solar eclipse together.

    This led to Jessie realizing that there was a way to pull her hand out of the cuffs using the initial slipperiness of her own blood.

    But, the point is, that exploring Jessie's past isn't just done just to give something for Jessie to talk about while she figures a way out of her situation.

    They actually use it in order to feed into what is going on with Jessie being handcuffed and it's used to actually help free herself, keep herself hydrated, etc, etc, etc.

    And it's also there to free her figuratively as well, to release the past from its metaphorical well and let it all out and find a way to do something positive with it.

    It's all intelligently-plotted. While the men in Jessie's life were absolute fucking creeps, in a way, what they did also helped her save herself.

    She found strength in what was done to her, she didn't cower from it or run from it. Well, I mean, she did run from it for most of her life, but when it mattered the most, she faced it head-on and used it to save herself.

    So, yea, I thought this was a damn good movie. There's a few pacing issues at first, which I guess were understandable, but the movie provides an incredibly satisfying narrative and, on top of that, you have Carla Gugino's incredible and sympathetic performance to boot.

    Another issue, I felt, that held the movie back from greatness was the aftermath of what happened. I think the movie lost something as it opened up.

    I don't mind Jessie writing a letter to Mouse, as her asshole father called her when she was young, but it wasn't exactly the most satisfying of conclusions.

    Though I get that the point was to show that Jessie did use her dark past to make some positive changes in her life. In all, though, these are relatively minor complaints.

    As far as last year's trilogy of King movies, that all came out within six weeks of each other, It: Chapter One, this one and placed in order of their release , I'd have to say that this might actually be the best actual movie of them all.

    This might seem strange to a lot of people. I enjoyed all three quite a bit, this one and It: Chapter One especially, but this movie is the better movie.

    To me, undoubtedly, It was the better horror movie. There's no real fucking debate there. But I just liked this movie slightly more than It.

    That's not minimizing what It did and what it succeeded at. It was very good, Pennywise was tremendous and the kids were great, but I felt that some of the members of the Losers' Club, in that movie, were a little underdeveloped.

    This movie, obviously, doesn't suffer from that as, essentially, there are only four real characters of importance.

    Jessie, Gerald, her father and the Moonlight Man and, really, the last three all help feed into the person Jessie is, so they're there to serve HER story and not the other way around.

    So, the smaller approach definitely helped in creating a tremendous character with Jessie and this movie absolutely delivered that. I would easily recommend this movie.

    It's very good and I might end up giving the book a shot as result, I know it's somewhere around here. This is a quality movie, to be sure.

    Jesse O Super Reviewer. Dec 08, Mike Flanagan has absolutely bowled me over, yet again. We've had some good Stephen King adaptations in and some bad ones, lookin' at you Dark Tower , but Gerald's Game gives Andy Muschietti's It a run for its money as the best one of the year.

    The core story of Gerald's Game is enough to earn it a passing grade, but everything surrounding it and after it elevates it to the next level.

    Gimly M Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Best Horror Movies.

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    Das Spiel. September im Rahmen des Fantastic Fests seine Premiere und kam am Edit page. September in Aufgewühlt US-amerikanische Kinos kam. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Clear your history. Gavroche Montparnasse.


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