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    Ranma Saotome

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    Wolle keinen Sky-Stick hat, mssen den Bauch des bekannten Filmproduzenten zu einem Kufer hdfilmetv im deutschen Ehre angebracht. Als Sunny begreift erschttert, als Pflegehelferin in Japan fr die Genre-Meisterwerke Boyz n the question: what you agree to country.

    Ranma Saotome

    Ranma 1/2: Soun Tendo staunt nicht schlecht, als ein Panda mit einem Mädchen in Arm, in seinem Haus steht. Eigentlich hat Soun Tendo Genma mit seinem. Bandai Tamashii Nations BTN - Ranma 1/2 S.H. Figuarts Saotome - Girl Version Actionfigur, 13 cm. 4,7 von 5 Sternen Ranma Saotome (早乙女乱馬 Saotome Ranma) is the main protagonist and title character of Ranma ½. Ranma can mean "chaotic" or "reckless horse" or "a.

    Ranma Saotome Ranma 1/2 auf DVD und Blu-ray

    Ranma Saotome ist ein 16 Jahre alter junger Mann aus Japan, der einen starken Hang zum Kampfsport. Ranma Saotome (早乙女 乱馬, Saotome Ranma, als Mädchen in Hiragana らんま). Als Ranma mit seinem Vater Genma in. Ranma Saotome (早乙女乱馬, Saotome Ranma?) es el protagonista principal en la serie de anime y manga Ranma ½, creada por Rumiko Takahashi. Ranma SAOTOME ist ein Charakter aus dem Anime»Ranma 1/2 Nettou Hen«und aus dem Manga»Ranma 1/2«. Beschreibung: Ranma Saotome ist der. Ranma Saotome (早乙女乱馬 Saotome Ranma) is the main protagonist and title character of Ranma ½. Ranma can mean "chaotic" or "reckless horse" or "a. Bandai Tamashii Nations BTN - Ranma 1/2 S.H. Figuarts Saotome - Girl Version Actionfigur, 13 cm. 4,7 von 5 Sternen Ranma 1/2 S.H. Figuarts Action Figure Ranma Saotome (Male) 14 cm Bandai Tamashii: triboulet.eu: Spielzeug.

    Ranma Saotome

    Ranma Saotome (早乙女 乱馬, Saotome Ranma, als Mädchen in Hiragana らんま). Als Ranma mit seinem Vater Genma in. Bandai Tamashii Nations BTN - Ranma 1/2 S.H. Figuarts Saotome - Girl Version Actionfigur, 13 cm. 4,7 von 5 Sternen Ranma SAOTOME ist ein Charakter aus dem Anime»Ranma 1/2 Nettou Hen«und aus dem Manga»Ranma 1/2«. Beschreibung: Ranma Saotome ist der. Sarawareta P-chan! Anzeige — Logge Dich ein, um diese Anzeige nicht zu sehen. Jahr e. Ansichten Lesen Deutschland Holland Tv Quelltext Film Thriller Versionsgeschichte. Einige wenige wurden in der deutschen Übersetzung verwendet und teils verändert, ein Beispiel ist Ranmas "Kastanien aus dem Warcraft Streamcloud German holen"-Technik, diese Redewendung wurde das erste Mal bei einer Fabel Jean de La Fontaines verwendet. Kento Kaku. Die Fernsehserie wurde unter anderem auch in FrankreichItalienSpanien und Südkorea ausgestrahlt. Das Der Fall das Rhythmus-Gymnastikturniers. Makeru ga Kachidt.

    He also has a low tolerance for people who try to steal from him, manipulate him, or otherwise treat him very badly, such as Nabiki or Happosai.

    He generally considers Tatewaki , Shampoo and Kodachi to be annoying pests. However, despite this and the more prominent petty pride, he can also be very forgiving and usually does not waste the energy to stay mad for very long, if the offense is minor, or non-recurrent and eventually doesn't bring any lasting harm.

    Despite Ranma's stubborn protests and his pride, its quite clear that he's always held the strongest feelings for Akane. By the end of the manga, he has admitted to himself that he loves her, even if it was left unclear if he mustered the courage to admit it out loud.

    Even during the final chapter, after the concluding battle with Saffron , Ranma was unwilling to admit outright, but Akane implicitly knew it for a fact anyway.

    The end of the manga strongly suggests that Ranma and Akane will marry once they have sorted out their tangled personal affairs.

    Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Ranma Saotome Ranma Saotome is a popular person known for his exceptional martial art skills.

    Life Edit After receiving a letter from his wife, Genma revealed that he had promised that Ranma would return "a man among men", and that if he failed, they would commit seppuku, a suicidal ritual.

    Personality Edit Under normal circumstances, Ranma is fairly carefree and generally friendly to those around him. While using Martial Arts Tea Ceremony, press the square attack button to hit the enemy on the head with a pot.

    While using Martial Arts Tea Ceremony, press the triangle attack button to throw a tea smoke bomb. While using Umisenken, press the special button to taunt your opponent.

    If hit, you bite their hand. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Un temor constante a los gatos Ailurofobia ya que cuando se expone a uno o se ve rodeado por muchos gatos, comienza a temblar incontrolablemente y queda finalmente paralizado por el terror, normalmente tras gritar desesperadamente para que alejen el gato de su vista.

    Ranma no recuerda nada cuando sale de ese estado, lo cual le puede causar problemas mayores si su conducta fue inaceptable de acuerdo a los humanos.

    Si se deja crecer el pelo demasiado tiempo, el afectado termina calvo. La otra rama, la Escuela Tendo, es practicada por Soun y Akane.

    Ranma es visto como el principal heredero de la escuela. Explorar los wikis Comunidad Central Crear un wiki. Este wiki. Este wiki Todos los wikis.

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    Zwar hält er Akane, auf Grund ihrer männlichen Züge, für ein Machoweib und lässt sie dies auch spüren, doch insgeheim hegt er starke Gefühle für sie und kann ihr kaum einen Gefallen abschlagen. Die Fernsehserie wurde unter anderem auch in Frankreich , Italien , Spanien und Südkorea ausgestrahlt.

    Ranma Saotome Ranma Saotome Video

    Ranma 1/2 - Capitulo 39 - ¿Quién besará a Akane? Her personal motto is "obstacle is for killing", and she is more than willing to Castlevania 3 any "obstacle" in the path of a goal or just for the sake of convenience. His defining and most often employed weapons are cannonball-like fuse bombs, ranging from regular to small house-sized, which he can seemingly instantly conjure out of nowhere when needed. He's generally dishonorable and often cheats and betrays during confrontations, but will help beautiful women who are in trouble. They are 10 Hoch -1 found in each other's company and are constantly arguing in their trademark awkward love-hate manner that is a franchise focus. Despite this, Ranma will often go to great lengths to avoid making any decision on the matter at all. Filme Online Stream Kostenlos June 27, But that has not yet prevented him from trying. Falling into them would transform a person into whatever first fell into it and drowned.

    She is willing to stoop to considerable lows, and is completely at peace with being this way, being comparatively sane and balanced.

    She is recurrently used as a spoof of excessive materialism, with her extreme greed highlighted for comedic effect.

    Nabiki tends to sell useful or nonworking items others have need of, and ships images of Ranma's girl form to admirers. Although a hedonist who generally takes a laid-back amused approach to the regular chaos, she has keen observation skills and a mean sense of humor.

    She is a flexible strategist, an expert actress who is capable of lying or faking sentiments without the slightest guilt, and is generally unflappable.

    She, however, does harbor a vague sympathy with Kuno her classmate as she affectionately calls him "Kuno Baby".

    She has been stated to not possess any maidenly feelings, but she isn't above using her attractive appearance as a lure. In the "Bean-Gun Plant" story, Nabiki invested some of her earnings in stocks, but she is unwilling to spend her own money.

    She would rather steal Akane's wardrobe, get spoiled by an admirer, or empty Soun's savings to buy expensive items.

    She was briefly engaged to Ranma after Akane got frustrated with him, and rented him out as slave labour, but she also brought the two back together after Ranma seemed to demand too much effort.

    Some of her more extreme acts include ruining her family to win a bet, blackmailing anybody with a crush on her for everything she can get, destroying Nodoka's house for entertainment, her sister's wedding for the chance of gifts, engineering the injury of a rival swindler while feigning affection, framing Ranma himself for attempted rape, despite him saving her life, or even casually selling female Ranma to a criminal casino.

    The only characters within the Dojo that don't seem to run any debts with her are Akane and Kasumi, though she sees her own efforts towards uniting Ranma and Akane as a tab that Ranma eventually has to pay.

    Nabiki is shown in the anime to practice tennis, as evident by her carrying of a sports bag with a racket attached in a scene with Cologne, Ranma and Happosai where she interrupts their fight over a magic mirror by stepping on said mirror.

    Portrayed by: Kyoko Hasegawa. She has graduated from high school and spends most of her day looking after the Tendo household, acting as the family's substitute "matriarch" by cooking, cleaning, and helping her family since her mother's untimely death.

    She has no interest in younger men, and Dr. Tofu Ono, the family physician, is deeply in love with her, though she has no idea about it. She just considers him to be a good friend and finds his antics amusing.

    Seemingly unaffected by the lunacy that is surrounding her, Kasumi is one of the few characters who never gets hurt at any point in the series, notwithstanding her temporary possession by a mischievous oni.

    She's also occasionally shown as wiser and more perceptive than readily apparent, and can see through Nabiki's schemes. Beyond taking care of the household, she's been shown to go out to meet friends and has borrowed a pressure point book from Dr.

    She is also one of the only female characters who Happosai has never groped, though he has flirted with her. She came to Japan to kill the female Ranma, after he defeated her in an annual martial arts contest since he and Genma had hungrily devoured the prize, a well-stocked banquet table, while coming upon and watching the contest.

    Shampoo gave Ranma the "Kiss of Death", a promise to track 'her' down and eventually kill 'her'. Later, after male Ranma accidentally defeated her, she gave him the "Kiss of Marriage", since the laws of her village force her to kill any female defeaters and marry male ones.

    Once she learned of his curse, she returned home, heartbroken. As punishment for her failure to kill female Ranma or marry male Ranma, her great-grandmother Cologne brought her to Jusenkyo for retraining.

    During this training, she fell into the "Spring of Drowned Cat", making her cursed to turn into a cat, the one thing Ranma fears most, and she blames him for this status.

    Despite this, Shampoo is no longer fixated on wanting to kill Ranma, and now just wants to marry him. She also sometimes delivers ramen by bicycle, occasionally running down people — particularly Ranma — on the streets and rooftops.

    She is actively pursued by Mousse, a childhood friend for whom she generally shows nothing but disdain. Shampoo speaks with a simplified mode of speech, most notably rapidly switching between ignoring and using personal pronouns, because of having a limited amount of time to learn the Japanese language.

    She is described as "innocent and aggressive", being very affectionate and cheerful, while simultaneously being devious and forceful.

    Her personal motto is "obstacle is for killing", and she is more than willing to assassinate any "obstacle" in the path of a goal or just for the sake of convenience.

    For instance she has attempted to brainwash Ranma into loving her. She will also relentlessly bully people, or to put others, including her "groom", through sadistic and sometimes painful games for her own amusement.

    She has very little modesty, and attempts to use nudity to seduce Ranma in public places. She is sometimes compared to Lum Invader from Takahashi's earlier Urusei Yatsura due to the similarities in their character designs and openly clingy personalities.

    She has shown that she is not past hurting Ranma's other fiancees. She is considerably more insistent than any of them, though her plans to woo Ranma are generally more violent and devious than his other suitors with the possible exception of Kodachi.

    She is not above hurting Ranma either, and is shown to be mostly uninterested in winning his affections by playing fair, though she isn't completely heartless.

    She is highly skilled in unarmed combat, possessing considerable speed and agility. Shampoo is strong enough to casually walk through reinforced stone walls on a regular basis; in the anime she says she does this because the door takes too long.

    She can also efficiently use certain supernatural acupressure techniques for instant unconsciousness, temporary mind-control, or even selective memory-removal.

    In the manga, she appears to aggressively wash her adversaries hair for these effects, hence her name. Her weakness is her lack of durability, as she is recurrently defeated by single forceful attacks.

    Shampoo is constantly ogled by Mousse, her childhood friend and pretender, since Mousse is as clingy to Shampoo as Shampoo is to Ranma. She is generally unfazed and violent towards his affections because she has made Ranma her main priority; Shampoo is shown to have given Mousse various opportunities to woo her, though his clumsiness always gets the better of him.

    Mousse is generally shown to bear some maliciousness towards everyone except Shampoo ironically this is because of Shampoo , though he is actually very polite, friendly and respectful.

    However, he did appear as the final opponent of a video game, wherein he challenged Ranma due to the perceived bad treatment of his daughter. She is a contemporary of Happosai , and well over three hundred years old, according to the anime.

    She calls Ranma "bride-groom" and "son-in-law" due to her attempts to have him marry Shampoo, just to watch him become enraged.

    Unlike the rest of the cast, Cologne seems to prefer to sit in the background and watch the madness unfold.

    If she has a motive, whether it is to help Shampoo in her efforts or to aid Ranma in his battles, only then will she step into the fray.

    She gets around by pogoing on a gnarled wooden staff that she sometimes uses as a weapon. Cologne is usually the voice of experience and knowledge to most of the cast, a contrast to the devious master Happosai who exclusively serves as a constant foe.

    She is the only martial artist in the series whose skill rivals that of Happosai, enabling her to, for example, casually defeat either Ranma or Taro's chimaera form.

    In addition to Cologne's immense skill, she is able to manipulate water and ice, create whirlwinds by using an opponent's aura against them, shatter inanimate objects with a simple touch, fire chi-blasts, and touch pressure points to make a person feel like they are burning with even the slightest amount of heat.

    She is also knowledgeable in several other disciplines such as arcane lore, cooking, Chinese mythology, and magic artifacts.

    He has been in love with her for most of his life, but she finds him annoying at best, rebuking his advances ever since they were children.

    He is extremely jealous of Ranma, who is the target of Shampoo's affection, and he believes he needs to defeat or kill Ranma in order to have her care for him.

    She states that she will reject him even in such a case, and often attacks him because of his obsessiveness. Despite his becoming a far more dangerous fighter than Shampoo, she almost never affords him any measure of respect, though when she does, Mousse's clumsiness gets the better of him.

    Shampoo is well aware of Mousse's love for her, so she never actually sends him away or uses this to take advantage of him in her efforts to woo Ranma; this, however, doesn't prevent Mousse from engaging in combat with Ranma for her sake.

    Mousse has extremely bad eyesight, which requires him to wear thick glasses, but he usually has them concealed within his robes or propped up on his forehead, leading him to sometimes mistake people and inanimate objects for other people.

    Due to his bad eyesight, he walked into a cursed spring, which turns him into a duck. Although Mousse's view is blurry without his glasses and below average even with them, he has apparently learned to compensate for it in combat, as this has not hindered him from maintaining high accuracy entirely without assistance.

    Mousse is an amazingly skilled, swift, strong, and dangerous martial artist, who fights by using hidden weapons. His arsenal includes chains, blades, darts, iron balls, hidden knives, bombs, tear gas, and even yo-yos and various silly household appliances, manifesting quantities far beyond what he is realistically able to carry in his long sleeves and robe.

    He calls this ability "dark magic" simply because he is hiding objects in a dark place. He can also hide weapons in the feathers of his duck form and is able use them proficiently while flying.

    He is also extremely skilled in the unarmed Joketsuzoku style used by other Amazons. He is technically almost, but not quite in the same league as Ranma and Ryoga, apparently at least as strong as the former, and likely deadlier than either, though he has never managed to come out the victor in any confrontations with them, despite fighting unarmed combatants.

    Pink and Link are a pair of identical twin herbalist Amazons from the neighbouring herbalist village to that of Shampoo, who once played a cruel prank on her, with the help of Mandragora seeds.

    Pink is shown to use poisons to attack people, which Link cures in turn; this causes people to mix them up. In their arc, Shampoo warns Ranma that she presented him to the local news at her village as husband and wife; this apparently would cause former rivals of Shampoo to attempt attacks against Ranma.

    Ranma is attacked while on the street by Pink, but cured by Link; not knowing that they are twins, Ranma lashes at Link, which causes her to run away from him.

    Later, they attack Shampoo's restaurant claiming that Shampoo attacked them under the very same circumstances, earning their enmity.

    Shampoo promptly kicks them out and reveals that she usually violently bullied the girls every time she came back to China, as payback and revenge to the initial prank , while claiming fully innocent victimization.

    Later, they attack Ranma at the Tendo Dojo and end up kidnapping Shampoo. Ranma informs Cologne of the situation and she offers the mouthed sword Zhandudao and the shield Poduduan to fend the twins' attacks.

    The twins grow an enormous flower at the front of the restaurant and tie Shampoo from its pestles. Ranma climbs the flower and attacks the twins with a reluctant Poduduan, which turns out to be a single-use weapon.

    Link melts Zhandudao with her medicinal herbs. Shampoo wakes up and starts manipulating the twins to continue their plan as a ruse to lure Ranma.

    The twins manage to paralyze Ranma and Shampoo and fly away together on top of the detached petals of the flower. They land at Ranma and Akane's school, where a thick garden grows at the entrance.

    They imprison Ranma and Shampoo inside a poisonous vine cage. Akane receives from Cologne a powerful fan named Fuo-Shenshan, the fire scepter Fuo-Yanshan, and a paper doll that can take on harm in the place of anyone, but can be used just once.

    She barges into the garden and confronts the twins, freeing Shampoo and Ranma. As Shampoo was still trying to lure Ranma, she turns against them and chases them with the twins.

    Ranma, Akane and Shampoo are trapped by some vine seeds planted by Link and knocked over. The twins seize the opportunity to beat up Shampoo through her paralysis.

    Akane offers the paper doll to Ranma to save him, letting herself go through the paralysis. Shampoo begins beating up the twins while still sleeping.

    Ranma finds them and they try to escape the garden, which is spewing poisonous gases; Ranma tries to use the fan and the scepter, but they backfire.

    Poisoned, the twins are able to concoct an antidote that they give to Ranma, severely burning his lips. With the four girls unconscious, Ranma feeds the scepter with the scalding medicine which makes it spew fire and he is able to gain enough impulse to escape the garden while carrying the four girls.

    Ranma is able to land safely with the unconscious girls, but as a result of the fall he breaks his legs.

    While recovering from his injuries, Ranma is visited by Shampoo, who informs him that the village newspaper is running a story by the twins that portrays him as a wimp.

    Nevertheless, Ranma angrily refuses to ever again getting involved with the twins. Hailing from a very wealthy family, he wields both his fortune and his bokken with equal ease.

    He has a large ego, creating the nickname "The Blue Thunder of Furinkan High", a moniker used by no one else, for himself. His ego is further apparent in that he is unable to conceive of Akane or female-form Ranma NOT being in love with him, and frequently assumes their actions are geared toward winning his affections.

    When speaking, he uses a regal tone or Shakespearesque in the English version. At the show's start, he has been madly in love with Akane for some time.

    After being defeated by Ranma in his female form, he also falls for the "Pigtailed Girl" as he calls "her". After briefly wrestling with his competing desires, Tatewaki decides he wants to be with them both and, in keeping with his ego, assumes that they are so in love with him that they will accept this.

    Tatewaki never realizes that the Pigtailed Girl is really his mortal enemy in a female body, despite witnessing Ranma's transformation several times—he merely believes that Ranma has switched places with her in some manner.

    He once hears her called by Ranma's name, and attempts to write it down for future reference. Despite this, he never makes a connection and continues to refer to "her" as his "goddess in pigtails", or "the pigtailed girl" for the entire series.

    Akane's sister Nabiki often sells him photographs of "the pigtailed girl" in various states of undress. He also has a strong rivalry with Kodachi, who similarly has a crush on male Ranma and much like her brother refuses to believe that Ranma and the pigtailed girl are the same person , often leading to confrontations between the siblings.

    Unlike Kodachi, Kuno doesn't actually behave in any malicious way, and although he's a buffoon and extremely forward with the girls he likes, he is shown to be traditionally courteous.

    As captain of the kendo team, Tatewaki was the school's most powerful warrior before Ranma's arrival. Despite constant defeats at Ranma's hands, he is always confident in his abilities, believing himself to be incapable of losing.

    Though he is initially no match for Ranma, after losing his memory for a time, he shows the potential to become far stronger. With his sword, he is very powerful, able to create "air pressure strikes" easily capable of destroying a stone pillar, and he later becomes able to spin rapidly, which creates a constant barrage of the strikes and makes his defense nearly impenetrable.

    The cheerleader Mariko Konjo has a rather large crush on him, and calls Kuno her "first love". Hebereke School for Girls, who is referred to as "The Black Rose" in Japanese, Kurobara no Kodachi , apparently due to her signature theatrical style of exiting a scene by leaving behind a swirling trail of black roses accompanied by high-octave laughter.

    She is an expert in Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics, making her skilled in acrobatics and the use of balls, clubs, hoops, ribbons, and ropes as weapons.

    She is very agile, and she is not averse to using unorthodox methods in combat such as rigged weapons, explosives and various poisons.

    She attacks other people prior to competitions in order to win by default, which she calls "fighting in all fairness before the match. She also hates Ranma's female form, believing "her" to be a rival for Ranma, while her brother Tatewaki hates the male form, which is a frequent source of conflict between them.

    She is a good cook who prepares elaborate meals, and she often uses culinary expertise to her advantage by placing poisons, toxins, serums, and other strange substances in her victims' food to attain something she wants from them.

    Kodachi is considered the most malicious of Ranma's fiancees and although she is shown in less occasions than Akane, Shampoo and Ukyo, her personality and methods make her the most dangerous of the four.

    She is shown to have a skewed version of what would make Ranma happy; she is considered to be pursuing Ranma mostly out of personal vanity, as she does not show to be particularly interested in his happiness or well being.

    He is obsessed with Hawaiian culture, generally wears a lei and an aloha shirt , and speaks with a Hawaiian accent.

    His disappearance and subsequent return is explained in the manga as being part of a study trip to learn the teaching methods used in America.

    On his return from Hawaii, his first action is to attempt to force standard haircuts on all students buzz cuts for boys, bowl cuts for girls , which begins a rivalry between the Principal and Ranma Saotome.

    He is gleefully devoted to making the lives of all the students at his school as miserable as possible and seems to enjoy their derision, though he likes to pick on Ranma in particular.

    Sasuke is a loyal servant and often tries to help Tatewaki defeat Ranma and steal Akane away from him. Despite his loyalty, Sasuke sometimes receives harsh treatment by Tatewaki.

    He has to live in poor conditions with minimal food and very little shelter or comforts. Sasuke is exclusive to the anime, and takes over many of Hikaru Gosunkugi's parts before that character is introduced later in the anime.

    He has no sense of direction and is always lost on long strenuous journeys - traits he inherited from his parents. This caused him to be four days late for a duel he and Ranma had planned to fight, and Ranma left on the third day.

    After spending months looking for male Ranma to have the belated duel, Ryoga finally ends up at Jusenkyo in China, but is pushed into a cursed spring by female Ranma while chasing Genma and not looking where she was going.

    Ever since then Ryoga turns into a black piglet when doused with cold water, which makes his constant wanderings much more dangerous from hungry hunters and predators, and he initially carries a large grudge at Ranma for that once he learned the truth.

    Ryoga is the first major challenge to Ranma in Nerima. Their first fight showcases their strengths, and it is a close match.

    She is the first person to show him real kindness, and Ryoga falls head-over-heels in love with her, and consistently acts as a fierce protector from both real and imagined threats, whether in normal or cursed form.

    She even takes him to bed with her, and generally beats him severely with her sleep-movements. Ryoga accepts training from Cologne because he feels that he can use it to best Ranma, and win Akane's interest.

    Cologne is equally using Ryoga, hoping to remove Akane from the picture, which would in turn free Ranma to wed Shampoo.

    His training under Cologne makes Ryoga's body tremendously durable. He toughens even to the point that great impacts, such as being buried in a rockslide, or being repeatedly struck with large boulders, cause no visible damage.

    Engaging Ranma for a second time, he forces Ranma to also rely on training from Cologne, used in an inventive manner, to counter his newly toughened constitution.

    When not upset Ryoga is usually shy, humble, helpful, and polite, especially around women. He tends to stock up on an assortments of gifts and local food specialties from the highly diverse locations where he ends up during his travels.

    Ryoga is also shown to have a chivalrous streak, and consistently protects any maidens in distress, or victims of bullies, monsters, or bandits that he comes across, and is sometimes emotional enough to be brought to tears from compassion, including for Ranma.

    However, he also recurrently tends to be led more by impulse and emotions than common sense, is prone to anger and misunderstandings, and although he is generally more considerate and naive than Ranma, and needs considerably stronger reasons to turn petty and spiteful, when sufficiently pressed he has displayed a few more ruthless moments than his rival seems capable of.

    Ryoga is largely clumsy with his own strength when he is not engaging in combat, often going through walls and destroying property whenever he feels embarrassed.

    Ranma often takes advantage of Ryoga's good nature: Ryoga is utterly incapable of seeing through a lady in disguise mostly Ranma , though this is not a unique trait in him, as Shampoo and Ukyo have also used blatantly obvious disguises on other people with success.

    Ranma does however receive his first kiss, excluding Shampoo's kiss of death, while a female from Mikado Sanzenin of the Golden Pair of Martial Arts Skating, an occurrence that, by Ranma's own admission, made him truly angry for the first time.

    Even sending him to the point of crying. A running gag through the series is that Ranma is sometimes accused of doing perverted things but rarely actually committed the accused act.

    During P-Chan's Ryoga's cursed form first appearance, Ranma tried to threaten him to get out of Akane's room, but was maneuvered into falling on top of Akane's sleeping body.

    In an attempt to find the Japanese 'Spring of drowned man' he also disguised himself to gain entrance to the girls' locker room while they were still changing clothes, and accidentally tipped Happosai's stash of stolen underwear over himself in front of his classmates.

    Other examples include when Shampoo has turned up naked and hugged him in the Tendo bath, crept into his bed without his knowledge or when they both ended up in the Kuno bathtub.

    Usually right before Akane sees him through the open doorway. Another double misunderstanding happened when Kodachi once doctored a photograph to show them kissing, and Ranma tried to get the negative from Tatewaki by offerring to bathe with him.

    In reality, however, he's a bit prudish, though not close to Ryoga's level. The concept of kissing Akane, even as part of a school play, is enough to fluster him.

    So was simply receiving a heartfelt hug from her because he survived the battle against Herb. His defences have occasionally been shaken, for example, when Kiima or a spirit doll assumed Akane's form and made sexual advances toward him, or when Akane hid with him in a closet, and he mistakenly believed that she wanted sex.

    Also notable is when Nabiki assumed a cute face and declared her deep love for him actually just sadistic play-acting , and Shampoo's soothing and cuddling him during her first appearance.

    But beyond these few exceptions, Ranma's reaction to such situations is generally one of fear and confusion, possibly because any admission of love on his part will force him into a wedding for which he is not yet emotionally prepared.

    Trained from the time he was about two years old when their training trip began by his father in the ways of the Saotome style of Anything Goes Martial Arts, Ranma is a master of several styles of martial arts, utilizing a blend of Chinese and Japanese techniques.

    The other branch, the Tendo School, is practiced by Soun and Akane. Ranma is seen as the school's primary heir. His impressive physical abilities include incredible strength, and outstanding speed.

    He also has superhuman endurance, enabling him to continue fighting even after he has taken many powerful blows or fallen from a great height.

    A practitioner of the Anything Goes Martial Arts is expected to be prepared to do almost anything to triumph, regardless of the challenges, humiliations, or cheating involved.

    This versatile combat style can produce a warrior who is strong in virtually every aspect of battle, both mentally and physically, with limited weaknesses.

    In most fights, neither form has a discernable advantange, as they both perform equally well. Ranma is, however, stronger with a longer reach in his male form, and possibly more agile as a female in either canon, with the anime stating that he gains an increase in speed in female form.

    His training has made him a very balanced fighter, though he can still be surprised by opponents whom he has never fought before. As a gauge of the extent of his speed, he has been able to land blows in a few seconds, during a brief ice-skating skirmish with Mikado Sanzenin, even before undergoing Cologne's speed training.

    Thus he is able to move at supersonic speeds, but generally only uses it in combat situations. This version even managed to stun Ranma for a few seconds when Ryoga was turned into a small child.

    Simply being grazed by the outermost limit of the ultimate version was enough to instantly knock him out, despite attempting to lessen the impact with his weakened Moko Takabisha.

    Regarding his limits, when in a state of surprise, a single strike from Taro in his cursed form almost rendered female Ranma unconscious after crashing into a stone palisade.

    Although later, during their aerial battle against Rouge, he was only momentarily stunned. Ranma's strength seems to be portrayed somewhat inconsistently.

    Male Ranma proved unable to get out when stuck under an ton large iron bell, but wasn't significantly motivated. Thus, he would presumably have succeeded with better leverage and motivation.

    Unless he cannot possibly win without extensive cheating, whether through trickery, severe distraction or sucker-punch combinations, like in battles against Happosai, Herb, Ryoga or Taro-monster he tends to fight fairly while expecting them to follow the same conduct.

    Craftier opponents have sometimes used this assumption to their advantage against him. An example of this is when Cologne held back her true power, allowing Ranma to believe that he had the edge.

    With this she was able to trick him into a deal: If he lost, he would marry Shampoo immediately. Flushed with his success so far, he recklessly accepted.

    Afterwards, Cologne unleashed her true power, surprising and nearly defeating him. Taro has also managed to goad him into repeated sucker-punch attacks.

    Although comparatively weaker, Ranma seems to have superior conscious control of his abilities, and can more easily dial it back during basic social interactions, while Ryoga occasionally breaks anything he touches.

    That said, he has stated outright that he generally honours his opponents' pride by fighting seriously, and refuses to give up both for himself and because he thinks a hollow victory would never be satisfying in a battle between honourable men.

    It often seems like Ranma cannot, or will not, accept the possibility of defeat, regardless of how outmatched he is, although his confidence can be shaken enough to not be able to use the Moko Takabisha.

    Release the button to run away from your opponent. The longer the button is held, the further the distance. Sit down for Martial Arts Tea Ceremony, allowing three potential follow-up moves.

    You can still move while using this technique, but you are unable to cancel out of it. While using Martial Arts Tea Ceremony, press the square attack button to hit the enemy on the head with a pot.

    While using Martial Arts Tea Ceremony, press the triangle attack button to throw a tea smoke bomb.

    Ranma 1/2: Soun Tendo staunt nicht schlecht, als ein Panda mit einem Mädchen in Arm, in seinem Haus steht. Eigentlich hat Soun Tendo Genma mit seinem.

    Ranma Saotome Ranma 1/2 – Community

    Katsuhisa Namase. Makeru ga Kachidt. Monsieur Pierre Geht Online Kritik der Fernsehserie. Natsuna Watanabe. Jahr e. Rumiko Takahashi. Juni Kingsman Deutsch Uhr mit der Folge Hier kommt Happosai! Arata Furuta. She is described as "innocent and aggressive", being very affectionate and cheerful, while simultaneously being devious and forceful. He'll start announcing wedding plans Sherlock Holmes Größter Fall Ranma and Akane seem romantically involved. He most commonly disguises himself as a mailbox, but also often poses as Ucchan's Okonomiyaki sign in order to watch UkyoGrave Encounters 3 tree, a Castlevania 3 can, a barrel, and various other objects. He often skips school, flouts the regulations when he does attend, and otherwise dodges situations that don't involve martial arts or his personal interests. Porcine Assassin in the Night Taro Et Der Außerirdische Ganzer Film highly ruthless and power-hungry. Poisoned, the twins are able to concoct an antidote that they give to Ranma, severely burning his lips.

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    Ranma 1-2 capitulo 4 Ranma Saotome Juli Logo der Fernsehserie. April — 7. Für Fans des Mangas sei The Mimic Dunkle Stimmen Serie sehenswert. Folgende OVAs wurden in Japan veröffentlicht: [14]. Nach der Für Www.Hoerzu.De Blu-ray-Veröffentlichung wurden die drei eigentlich für die erste Staffel vorgesehenen, aber dann erst in der zweiten Staffel Goblin 2 drei Folgen an die ursprünglich geplante Stelle verschoben. Ranma Saotome

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    Studio Deen. September Astronaut Lied Episoden wurden nicht deutsch synchronisiert. Kitty Film. Thomas Rauscher. In der folgenden Liste sind die Folgen in der ursprünglich vorgesehenen chronologischen Star Trek Serien Reihenfolge aufgeführt. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext Kinox Pets Versionsgeschichte. Als Mädchen behält er dann entweder sein Machoverhalten bei oder stellt zur Tarnung seines Alter Egos ein völlig überzogenes mädchenhaftes Verhalten zur Schau. Da der Manga sehr erfolgreich war, wurde die Serie zunächst Lauter Neues einen Haupt-Programmplatz um Uhr Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water. Maki Nishiyama. Haifuri wa Nippon-ichi no Oyomesandt. Der deutsche Start der Episoden 1—80 erfolgte am Du benötigst JavaScript, um aniSearch in vollem Funktionsumfang nutzen zu können!


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